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Hours Subject to Change

Stay in touch!

During the off-season, you can stay updated on happenings at the pool by following our Facebook Page & checking here for updates!

Contact us at for information on renting our community room.

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Speech & Swim
Increasing Confidence & Independence, both in & out of the water.

Our Community Means EVERYTHING to Us!

Windsor Great Park Recreation Association is owned and operated by its members! We rely on our member volunteers to work alongside the pool's board members to maintain the day-to-day operations. The Association's Board of Directors is made up of elected and appointed shareholders. All members are welcome to attend meetings and participate the decision-making process.

"Since 1965, the Windsor Great Park Pool has been a mainstay of our Denbigh neighborhood. Through the decades, kids came to this pool to learn how to swim, make new friends, and celebrate the joys of summer as only school-aged children can. It was here, as members of this pool’s swim team, that kids learned the value of teamwork, the rewards of hard work, and felt their spirits lifted as crowds cheered for them whether they were in first place or struggling to finish last. Adults of all ages came as well. While basking in the sun, they were able to catch-up with neighbors, enjoy quality family time, or just simply relax in their own personal paradise. Hundreds of birthday parties have been had here at the WGP pool as have graduation parties, retirement celebrations, and even engagements!

   Our beloved pool, the pool that has given us so much joy over the years and decades, needs our help if it is to open again. Due to age and unforeseen circumstances, thousands of dollars are needed to upgrade and repair the pool of it is to ever operate again. We are hoping that all our members, past and present, can contribute something to prevent its closing. We are hoping that your friends and family, who have no doubt heard the stories about summer or seen the pictures of it will help as well. We are hoping that anyone that has seen the joy of children in the summer will reach out and help keep this joy in our neighborhood! No contribution is too small, and all you can do to support the WGP will be appreciated by us and our neighbors for generations to come."  ~Sandy Sickles

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